Rise of Social Sites


The photo above displays only some of the numerous social media book mark items (Thank you nouveller) available. We are bombarded with various social sites numerous time a day, with new sites becoming popular every week. In my own life I am involved in couple sites – Stumbleupon, Chive, Facebook & LinkedIn – mainly seeking new interesting content or keeping in touch. My participation is very self-serving only gaining from the site but not looking for ways that I can provide a civic engagement. There is not one thing that I am strongly interested in that I would like to devote large portion of my time. However, if did have a concept or an idea that I wish to pursue there are enough tools to be able to do it.

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1 Response to Rise of Social Sites

  1. rel87 says:

    Marcin, you just introduced me to chive! I had not heard of it before. Some very cute pictures of babies or little kids with their pets.

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